Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The concert I won't be at

Okay, let's so be serious.. I didn't get my video done. Why? Well how about because good ole Beau Duke wouldn't let me be. (That's my yellow lab) 

So, I lay down on my mat to start (I was out by the pool) and I go to grab my weight and it's gone. Confusion.
I look...Beau has it IN HIS MOUTH and is running around the pool. Granted it was a 4 LB dumbbell. But still...yall I couldn't stop laughing.
Needless to say- video didn't happen. 

Tomorrow we leave for the beach and I am SO excited. BEYOND excited. The sand between my toes and a nice Lime a Rita in my hand, in a styro cup with salt and ice. Yes please.

Only downside...Luke Bryan&FLGA Line will be having a concert at the Wharf tomorrow night when we get there...but seeing how tickets have been sold out since like December/Jan... we won't be attending. I cried for days. 

In honor of this long awaited vacation, I thought I would kick it off with some good tunes..

Alright loves...I'll be posting from the beach! 

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