And sometimes I feel weird smiling...so I make that face ^^ or these faces:: 

Yeah, not attractive...I know. But hey...those looks come naturally. 
And I am usually stuffing my face and sneaking food...and yes, I am usually trying to carry everything and not use my backpack. I am cool.

 I am a lover of life and Jesus. My faith is my foundation. God is my rock. That will never change.
I used to blog over at Hearts Prepared..but I knew it was time for that chapter to close. Sweet memories!

I am a runner and fitness fanatic. I love Dr. Pepper and sweet tea. Little Debbie snacks are my favorite snacks. And that is O K A Y because I run it all off///but as I'm told it will catch back up with me in older age..Guess we will see.

I don't like typing out the word "and".  Get use to "&"..a lot.

Luke Bryan and Brantley Gilbert are obsessions of mine. 
I love wine. 
I am letting my hair grow out-- talk about frustration.

I have 2 dogs, and 2 cats. 

So, that is only a bit of me in a quick blurb...I hope you grab a glass of wine & stick around so we can get to know each other!

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