Monday, March 11, 2013

Running, abs, abs & more abs!

Saturday was my first run in 3 months... THREE months people. What was I thinking taking that time off?? I put those shoes on, got my tunes going and turned on my Garmin tracker and off I went.
To have been having knee issues (I was averaging almost 90 miles/week this past summer & fall), I had a pretty steady pace and had no pain at all....great! Working my way back up the ladder, one day at a time.

I want to share with yall some workouts I do...whether it's a gym day or a run day- 

Note: I will be posting a video tomorrow (Tuesday) with these workouts. I am not the best when it comes to explaining. So, I think a video would help! 

On gym days I start with about 20 minutes of stretching and 30 minutes of cardio.
Usually 10 minutes on the elliptical and then 30 minutes on the Cross Trainer ( level 10 resistance 15-19)

So for these ab workouts I usually use a 8 LB medicine ball and the Big bouncy workout ball.

---big bouncy workout ball. 

I do all of these 4 times through, each with 20 reps.

1) Right side obliques
-Lie on your left side. Put one foot up under the other to try and keep that foot down and steady.
Take the 8 LB med ball and slowly lift up. (your right side is what is facing up towards the ceiling, you're using your abs/obliques to pull yourself up.)

2) Do the same thing as above but lie on your right side with left side facing towards ceiling.

3) Now this set, each time I go through I change it out. 
1st time- Regular sit ups, using the medicine ball
2nd time- legs straight up--toe touches.
3rd time- butterfly crunches:
Think about the butterfly stretch you do. Get your legs like you usually would, and then lay back. Use the medicine ball and slowly bring yourself into the crunch. (These are KILLER!!!)
4th time- 1 minutes straight bicycle

4) Plank- 30 second plank. Each set, add 30 more seconds. (1st-30 sec, 2nd-1 min, 3rd-1 min 30 sec, 4th- 2 minutes)
** I sometimes do side planks as well. 

5) Use big bouncy workout ball-slightly lean back on ball (lower back area). Make sure to have the 8 LB med ball in hands. Lie back and come back up using your abs. (THIS IS KILLER TOO!!)

Okay, now go through the whole system 4 rounds. Remember that if you want to switch up your 3rd exercise each time to do so! Also, add those 30 seconds each time you plank! I usually swap up & add times to add some excitement & variety to my workout. 

Come back for a video of these exercises tomorrow!

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