Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Talk about a break from the blog!

Some days my mind just feels jumbled. I don't have anything done and I am not feeling motivated what so ever. With a decision & change in my career path, a light & motivation has been creeping back in..slowly. 
Maybe it's the cold weather? Usually by this time, I am well into my runs and working out. I've ran twice in the past month. When the high is about 40, I don't want to run. I don't want to work out. Both require getting in the car and driving to either park downtown to run, or parking at PF and walking the cold. TALK ABOUT LAZY!!! Who am I ??? 

This has got to change. ASAP. Like today. Like N O W.

1st off, I started with some motivational quotes. Grapped a sharpie pen and some sticky notes. Went to town writing inspirational & motivational quotes and I am going to stick those suckers everywhere. From my planner, to my bathroom to my car to my closet. You get it...everywhere. I am the type of person who gets motivated & the light clicks when I see a quote or verse that inspires me. I love being inspired. Inspiration leads to great things. 

2nd, today since both classes are canceled for me, I will play catch up. From school work to doing things that I have been procrastinating. Today is THE DAY. I plan on having an afternoon cup of joe date with my planner and about 20 pages of copy paper to brainstorm plans, workout plans, etc.

3rd. Monday I had a cry meltdown on the way to class. You see, the first college I attended in 2008 did not accept my student loan. So I took a few classes a semester and we paid out of pocket. Well, I transferred to Auburn Mont. ( they accepted my loan) and I have been going there full time since 2010. With this career path change, I am heading back to college #1 which is THOUSANDS of dollars cheaper. And I mean thousands. 12 hours at college 1 will be the price of 1 class +fees at Auburn Mont... SO meltdown began when I realized that I only have a few months to get my money together for 1st semester. I don't get financial aide, because my parents "make too much", but really how is that possible in today's economy?  Especially now that our wonderful President Obama (can you hear my sarcasm. barf.) has furloughed our AMAZING military. Talk about a stab in the back. (Yes, my dad is retired military & still works on base) 

So this leads me to budgeting and to STOP EATING OUT. Kory, fire up that grill because we are eating IN from now on!

And also, I am learning to stop worrying. Worrying does nothing good. Handle one day at a time, and move on. Deal with tomorrow, tomorrow.

Choose FAITH over worry!!

If you've read this far, props to you. If not, I don't blame you. That's a lot of words up there. 

Adding to the list of things to to-do today, I will also be making a button ( finally! ) for my blog and will be available starting tomorrow. (along with a post of why I choose to stay R E A L with my blog, instead of putting on a show...yes. I am going there. #loveyoumeanit )

Have a beautiful day my lovely readers!!

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  1. Oh, I love you :) keep that chin up pretty.. You've been such a blessing to me lately! :) wuv you!!


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